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Company services As an independent company, Yangming Entertainment has a completely freely designed design capability, long-term production of gaming entertainment products recognized by professional casino institutions, and has a wealth of experience and credit. It is a strict specification and supplier of precision machine production. Focus on the gaming market Since 2003, Yang Ming Entertainment has become a chip maker for many casinos and entertainment clubs around the world, so that customers are fully aware of the chip's attention and recognition. Yangming Entertainment has a professional UV security anti-counterfeiting printing equipment. From product design, raw material production to the final product, we always adhere to strict production processes, and the maximum strength guarantees the quality requirements of our products. The uniqueness of Yangming Entertainment's chip products provides customers with a very high level of security, and has long been trusted and praised by a large number of customers. Custom chip Yangming's self-developed entertainment chips, poker tables and other gaming products are made using the most sophisticated equipment available, with strong fashion appeal and play experience. The powerful technical design team is dedicated to providing each customer with a unique design. The style makes the customers feel the safe use value of the chips. Over the years, the professional accumulation, starting from the customer's needs, constantly improving and developing new technology products, with the expansion of the company's business, has gradually become the gaming entertainment industry. Focus on the eye. 【Culture】 Brand concept: Innovation products, professional brand Brand positioning: to create the domestic first-class entertainment products business Corporate values: Talent-based, innovative quality, customer first Business vision: a century-old enterprises, trees world famous brand Corporate mission: healthy life, happy delivery Entrepreneurship: hardworking enthusiasm, the team first, advancing with the times, pragmatic innovation Business philosophy: devoted themselves to the development and management, honest and trustworthy win-win cooperation Service concept: sincere service to customers, insist on Founding Work attitude: Thanksgiving Mingrui, hand in hand Staff guidelines: self-discipline, learning, mutual assistance and sincerity          

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