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Casino smokers liberation

November 13, 2017

Latest company news about Casino smokers liberation

Macao has banned smoking in all entertainment venues since 2014 and has not approved the establishment of a new smoking area. Macao 6 entertainment Bo enterprises 13 joint investigation report released a smoking room in Macao entertainment, access 6 Bo enterprises a total of 14301 employees, the survey shows that 81% of respondents believe that the establishment of a smoking room in the entertainment field, help improve the midfield air quality; another 4 percent of respondents support the casino ban all have occupied different positions.

Casino smokers liberation
Casino smokers liberation

6 Bo enterprises show that the report is not to put pressure on the Macao government, but pay attention to employee and customer choice, so I hope to have independent report for the Macao government and the Legislative Council reference, the government of Macao to balance the different stakeholders will make a decision. 6 major enterprises have to go to the end of the year, will be a higher standard of smoking room set up and more stringent procedures submitted to the Macao government, the government in the approval, can give a modest grace to optimize the existing smoking room facilities.

Optimizing smoking room takes time
President Su Shuhui said the board of directors of SJM holdings, set up a smoking room smoking control and there is no conflict, because both are designed to provide a smoke-free environment. If the law allows the establishment of a smoking room, I believe that the entertainment companies will comply with the government's arrangements, unlike the current smoking room has reached high standards, is expected to optimize the smoking room for more than a year.
Casino smokers liberation
Smoking or affecting the economy
At present, the entertainment center provides a smoke-free environment for both employees and non - smokers, and the addition of a smoking room to the VIP lounge in the future will reach the same level of air quality standards. Six casino operators believe that if a casino smoking ban, will bring the negative influence to the economy of Macao, and hinder the construction of Macao to become the world tourism and leisure center, especially in Macao is facing the global economic downturn, and increasingly fierce competition in the region.
Casino smokers liberation
Macao Health Bureau said, will actively and prudently consider allowing casino smoking establishment suggestions. There are views that the government of Macao accepted Bo enterprises proposed the establishment of the smoking room, the Bo enterprises concessions, Macao Health Bureau explained that the government in the entertainment field put forward suggestions on Amending the law banning smoking, in essence is not the legislators, Bo enterprises, gaming practitioners and related associations are widely recognized, if the final bill has not been legislation through the entertainment field, tobacco control measures to maintain the status quo, relatively speaking, the establishment of high smoking tobacco control policies in line with the step by step and step, in the legislative process is also a step forward.
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