Demystifying the hidden inside of 50 years

September 22, 2018
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Demystifying the Macau casino licensing dealer: the casino concealed 50 years of shocking inside!

City, 埠-Macau

  Macao is known as the city and the city, and Monte Carlo and Las Vegas are called the world's three major cities. Currently, there are mainly Lisboa, Grand Lisboa, Wynn, Star, MGM, Crown, Sands, Venice. People wait for the field.


  Every year, customers from all over the world, especially in recent years, have poured into Macau to go to Bo. Rich bosses want to earn more money than to do business. The poor man who has no money wants to have a chance and wants to change the economy. Dilemma, good wishes.


  Is it a luck, or a trap for the reputation of the game?


  But is the money of the Venetian Macao Consortium, Boss Ho, Lv Zhi and the boss really so good? A staff member who has been a dealer in Macau for a long time, to expose you to the Macau field boss, on the surface is the correct and Behind the sham, but behind the illusion, it is the use of high-tech swindlers to swindle the insiders. The cheating tricks of thousands of swindlers in Macau are only the inside story of the three swindlers.


  The Macau market, whether it is the Venetian or the new Lisboa, including some private small games, now has more laws, such as three, Baile, Guess, etc., of course, there are various electronic old machine.


  For the time being, there are three kinds of procedures, such as three and Baile and Guess. The three processes and the cheating techniques are set by the guests, and the other side is the staff. (That is the so-called official, usually two or three people, if three people, usually one of them taking into account other Taiwanese, liquid) customers put their money in their own investment area. The voting area, one for each guest, is a box shape marked with lines. When the guest is down, put the chips in their own investment area. If the time-stamped chips are not completely put into the voting area, the chips are placed outside the box or the chip is pressed. Staying in the frame, the officer will prompt the guest to put the chips in the right direction, completely put into the frame, and then she will be willing to deal. After all the chips on the table are laid out, the next step is to officially shuffle and deal. Three pairs of 1 deck, the official put the card in the licensing machine, let the dealer shuffle, wash the card after the card is ejected, three times each time, the officer distributes the card from left to right in order The last three are the cards of the boss. After all the cards have been dealt, the guest will check the cards first, all on the table, and finally show the cards. Compared with the size of the guest's card, decide to win or lose.


  On the surface, it is quite flat for the guests to get a random card from a dealer to decide whether to win or lose. But in reality, in the process, the field uses artificial means to decide whether to win or lose.


  The specific cheating method is that the surface of the dealer used in the field is an ordinary dealer, but it can be shuffled and randomly dealt. In fact, it is equipped with a device such as a chip that can read the magnetic code, and the inside of the card is transferred. When the card is shuffled, the card can be issued according to the distribution of the chips under the table.


  The friends we like are very clear. In the three and Baile, whether you can get a good card, the key is to color, which is also to say, when you cut the card, from which card to initiate and from which position, decide you The size of the card you got. It is this principle that the Macao field uses the money to criticize the winners. They use the licensing machine that can identify the magnetic code grams. The grams are magnetic grams. They can be used to facilitate the shuffling and cutting. brand. The principle of cheating in Macau is as simple as that. It’s not that you don’t know, but you didn’t think about it. It is possible to see cheating from the Bo process, but some friends still feel that it is unlikely. I think that the legal history of the 100-year officially allowed in Macau will be such a ghost.



  Let's give a big explanation.


  A few details in the cheats in Macau have made our guests understand their tactics thoroughly:


  1. Chips, hidden magnetic identification code When the customer is in the bottom of the chip, if the chip is not completely placed in the chip box line, the licensing officer will prompt: "Please put the chip in the frame." Until you put it completely Ok, the official will start to deal. This is because: the chips that are exchanged for the customers' money are all equipped with magnetic identification codes. The customer's chips are placed in the chip frame on the table. The identification device installed in the table can correctly and quickly identify all the customers on the table. Under the circumstances, the computer control system of the incoming field, after the analysis of the field computer-specific software, the card-distributing machine connected by the field computer control system, performs shuffling, cutting, and licensing, and obtains the licensing result in accordance with the field interest.


  2. The officer must not be near

  The official work area is pulled up by the red line and is separated from the passenger area. The dealer is placed close to the official on the table, and the guest is forbidden to contact the dealer. It is even more impossible for the passenger to open the dealer to study and verify. This is to prevent your own cheating secrets from leaking, so strictly guard against it and not accidents.


  3. Only use special cards

  All the venues in Macau use their own special cards. For example, the cards of the Grand Lisboa are printed with the words “New Lisboa Bole”. The cards in different fields are printed with their own patterns. They definitely do not need ordinary cards produced outside.

  This is because: their cards must be magnetic code grams, the dealer with the identification device can be effectively identified, in order to use the means of shuffling and cutting, so that customers get small cards and lose money. They can't cheat with ordinary grams outside.


  4. The brand is still very new, and the official will start to trade new cards?

  Attentive customers can find that the number of times each deck is used is not very large. (There are regulations that require the officer to use the maximum number of times to change the cards.) The clear card is still very new, and the official will start to trade new cards. The old cards were all recovered, and one did not fall outside. The officer carefully collected them and placed them in a box that collected old cards. (This box is not independent, it is integrated with the table, the box itself has the ability to check whether the recycled card has been collected, very advanced)

  This is because: after using the magnetic code for a number of times, the shuffle and the hand holding the card will weaken or deform the magnet, and the machine will not recognize it and thus cannot cheat.


  5. The video head is dense above each table

  This is used to regulate the behavior of the official. The field requires the officer to strictly follow the operational rules of the field to complete each action, absolutely prohibiting any individual actions, and strictly preventing the occurrence of accidents. At the same time, it is also to prevent other situations from happening. Whether it is three or Baile, the means of deceiving customers in Macau is basically the same. As for the guess, the principle of cheating is the same in the first half. It is also the use of the table to identify the chip's magnetic code, and then passed to the computer system for analysis, and then through the computer's control operation of the number of points in the cover, to get favorable results. The big idea here is that the cover that covers the child is opaque, so that after the guest completes, the table recognizes the situation under each chip area and then performs the second operation.


  As a staff member who has been a long-term official in Macau, today, these insiders are revealed: three kinds of psychology:

一. I see a lot of customers every day, especially the mainland's customers rushing to Macau. In fact, he or she is not rich, but he wants to win some money to change the status quo. However, the Macau field boss is deliberately using a computer-specific system to analyze how to make some customers occasionally win, to create the illusion of Boping, to cover up their use as a means of profiteering.