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How hot is the Dezhou poker game

November 13, 2017

Latest company news about How hot is the Dezhou poker game

These years, the United States from the Dezhou hold'em poker game, quickly became popular not only in the mid - white-collar middle class and were widely disseminated in China, also received a lot of financial investment circles sought. In Europe and the United States was used as an intellectual movement of Dezhou poker often walk in the gray area.

How hot is the Dezhou poker game

The beginning of twentieth Century originated in the United States Dezhou's town of poker in the United States, the popularity of comparable Chinese mahjong. WSOP annual main event unlimited note Dezhou poker in sports channel ESPN in the ratings, and even more than NBA ratings.

How hot is the Dezhou poker game
How hot is the Dezhou poker game
Tennis superstar Nadal, NBA star Pearce is a master of Dezhou poker, they also participated in a number of related games. And most poker games similar to the rules of Dezhou poker is very simple, a completely no novice, just 5-10 minutes will be able to fully understand the rules, but want to play well but not simple. Dezhou poker games, including the game, money management and other tricks to become its unique charm.

A senior Dezhou poker game player Bruce told the Post reporter, the sport almost began to gradually swept the circle of financial investment, the elite in 2010, but soon because some people put it into the gray and gray areas in entertainment. "Dezhou poker is not completely by some Born Under A Bad Sign, the people understanding, will be posted on some of the" bad "label, some people simply put it into the money making tool."

Bruce still remember, Dezhou poker was first officially recognized and the money was in December 13, 2012, when the "China Poker Championship (CPT) is about to start, but the official said the Dezhou poker is grey entertainment in another form, when many people are surprised, and many people are engaged in the Dezhou poker project has been hurt."

At that time, deputy director of the Ministry of Public Security Bureau Hua Jingfeng accept interview, said of the Dezhou Poker Club: "the rise of" Dezhou Poker Club ", through competitions, participants pay the entry fee for the registration fee, high competition, win cash, securities or other property, organizer, opening from tap profit. Since then, Dezhou has been a certain influence on the development of poker, a lot of sponsors to hear about this game is worried and gray entertainment has a close joint and several." Who have participated in the occupation game poker hand that over the years the development of Dezhou Poker will present a mess, "a lot of love and participate in the Dezhou poker, but events and rules are always lack of proper guidance, it also leads to different wealth tools.

"The first game table only 40 tables, then many people with temporary table." From Shanghai Dezhou poker enthusiasts Mr. Zhou participated in the tournament, but his team experience is very bad, "a lot of the staff have not been training, even the dealer is wrong, the rule is also ready to accept either course." One contestant also told the Post reporter, the game can be Rebuy, so even participating in the queue will spend a few hours. The entire feeling tournament organization is very bad."

Columnist Wang Xiaoshan in its micro-blog intermediary Shao said, Dezhou poker game is divided into several, one million is one, this game in a certain period of time (such as six or eight levels) can be infinitely Rebuy. Others can only buy one hand, can buy three hands, the next day can be bought, and so on."

Bruce said at a certain level in the infinite Rebuy does exist, but because of organization confusion, coupled with infinite set of Rebuy rules, the purpose of money is too strong. Participants Zhou also think that the organization under the chaos, and then take the same group of infinite Rebuy is indeed a problem.

How hot is the Dezhou poker game

Dezhou poker or thus transferred to the healthy development of

How hot is the Dezhou poker game
How hot is the Dezhou poker game

Bruce also believes that the introduction of planning, will allow Dezhou as soon as possible to remove the "grey poker game" hat, "Dezhou poker need popularity, and in Chinese also need to have a more standardized rules and industry standards, and has been walking in the gray areas, more sunlight than on clear regulations, make it more competitive poker is people accept. Now all the Dezhou poker industry related personnel and fans are hoping it will be the same as those intelligent competitive games, to attract more people to participate."

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