Legalization of entertainment industry, who is the winner

September 22, 2018
Latest company news about Legalization of entertainment industry, who is the winner

The legalization of entertainment industry is probably the lifeline that broadcasters have been waiting for. This is not just news of the attention of the entertainment industry practitioners. It is also a major economic life-saving breakthrough for the company group.


New Jersey has been hostile to sports entertainment since 2011. After the Supreme Court decision, New Jersey is clearly a big winner, and it is also the best preparation for the legalization of the sports entertainment industry.


According to the Oxford Economic Report in May 2017, the legalization of sports entertainment is expected to generate $8.4 billion in new taxes, which in turn will create more than 200,000 new jobs, and the country's GDP will increase by more than $22 billion.


Nevada is also a winner. Although Las Vegas seems to be hit by the loss of the monopoly of sports entertainment, Monday's ruling may be good news for the city of sin. On the one hand, the cost is relatively small: Schwartz of the United Nations Logistics Base said, “The entire Nevada Sports Entertainment Expo has an annual production value of about $215 million, so this is a small matter, accounting for about 2% of Bo’s total revenue. Schwartz added that the online craze has almost destroyed casino poker, but Nevada's poker turnover has tripled.


“People who like entertainment should be very happy.” Schwartz said that those who love entertainment can no longer go to overseas entertainment venues, and they are relatively freer than before. Because for a long time, overseas entertainment venues are shelters for people who avoid local entertainment restrictions. Their business economy relies heavily on Americans. For most of the more than 1 billion illegal entertainment players, they have already The location that can be called "home" exists.