Macao in a number of endorsement policy, gambling revenue will increase?

September 22, 2018
Latest company news about Macao in a number of endorsement policy, gambling revenue will increase?

ainland, Hong Kong Macao introduced a number of measures expected endorsement September gambling revenue will increase 17%

At the beginning of September, the Mainland has introduced a number of measures to facilitate mainland residents to sign in Hong Kong and Macao. The investment bank predicts that the above measures will drive the revenue of Bo, which is expected to increase by 17% in September, and the annual receipt will be broken by 300 billion yuan (Macau, the same below).

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Citigroup said in a report that Macao's August revenue reached 26.6 billion yuan, up 17% year-on-year, in line with the bank's expectations, and recorded the highest single-month revenue this year. According to data from August, Bo growth is accelerating (compared to 5-12% from May to June). Although it has recently faced a depreciation of the RMB exchange rate, the development of the macro economy has damaged the demand of the Macau industry.


The bank estimates that Macau's September revenue will remain strong and is expected to rise 17% year-on-year to 25 billion yuan (average daily income of 833 million yuan). Recent policy from the Mainland shows that the mainland intends to relax travel visas for residents from Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is not necessary to return to their place of origin to apply in a permanent city, which is expected to increase the number of visitors to Australia. The bank predicts that October's revenue will increase by 9% to 29 billion yuan, with an average daily income of 935 million yuan. It is expected that the annual revenue of the year will reach 307.603 billion yuan, up 16% year-on-year (average daily income of 843 million yuan).


Buying stocks or recovering lost ground


Nomura issued a report that the revenue in August was 26.6 billion yuan, up 17.1% year-on-year, about 200 basis points higher than the bank's expectations, and higher than the market expectation of 15%. Due to the more weekdays in August, the average daily revenue of the last 12 days of August was affected, only 842 million yuan, lower than the overall daily average revenue of 857 million yuan in August. The bank's estimated average daily revenue for the last nine days of August was nearly 889 million yuan. Considering that the past revenue was mainly driven by passengers, the revenue was considered to be a strong level.

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The bank's reference to past records, September Bo income should continue to rise, and increased by about 3% compared with August, the bank expects Bo's revenue in September will increase by about 15% to 26 billion yuan. The stocks outperformed the market last week, as investors began to regain interest in the sector. The bank earlier predicted that if the World Cup in July was experienced, the market growth will accelerate again, and the industry has the potential to outperform in August. If the growth rate in September is 15%, the bank will estimate that the market sentiment will increase, and the stock market may be able to clean up some of the lost ground this year.